Thrifting again...

...So, yesterday was rainy and gloomy...not sure why, but I love days like that...and I'm more inclined to get out and visit my happy the Salvation Army...It didn't hurt that Wednesday is "Family Day" at Salvation Armies all over the country...all clothing and housewares are 50% off...Now, I'm not a collector...well, I once collected dolls...but, gave it up when I got my real doll, Mini...I may have found something new to collect...Milk Glass...It's easy to find and just look at what I found yesterday in the entire beginners collection for under $11 bucks!  Some of the pieces are marked so I did a little research and a couple of pieces are worth between $10 and $15 bucks...Wowho...Now if I can just decide where to put it...

I also picked up this cowrie shell belt for $1...I'll rock it as a head is so cute...gotta get Mini to model it so I can take pics...

My milk glass collection display inspiration...I'd love to display it like this in my bedroom too.

A little history for ya...

Milk glass, widely produced in the United States and England from 1835 through the 1980s, was an inexpensive substitute for the luxurious tableware many could not afford.

For the potential collector, distinguishing between the valuable and the commonplace can be a challenge. For example, an old, rare piece of milk glass can fetch several thousand dollars, while a charming hobnailed butter dish can be bought for $10. And since few American manufacturers marked their glass, it can be difficult to tell when, where, or by whom a piece was made.

Read more at Milk Glass - Martha Stewart Home and Garden 


  1. I love the collection you picked up. Never really thought of milk glasses as a collection or a pretty display like you've shown, but I'm intrigued.

  2. oooh, nice finds! gotta love thrifting at SA. i'm always in there but had no clue about family day! thanks for the info.

    rainy, gloomy days are my favorite.


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