Luv...Look of the day...

If I could...I'd wear this everyday... this weekends weather will be perfect for this look...sunshine, low 70's...Enjoy!


  1. I love floor sweeping dresses and skirts. I'm convinced that a leather jacket just makes everything stylish too.

  2. that's a great dress. i like how full it is.

    today, while looking through magazines in a waiting room, i saw a look that immediately caught my eye. i loved it, and it also reminded me of you. AND it was an ikea ad, ha!

    it was in a family circle magazine (one with pizza on the cover). there's a lady stading next to an open dishwasher eating cake while the puppy plays with the dishes. caption reads: "made by the garcias, designed by ikea."

    *just in case you see it*

    aside from myself, you were the first person that came to mind for that look...large top, tights, and a cute sweater thingy.


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