Glorious Weekend in Pictures...

Mini's new converse sneaks...courtesy of her Godmother...she hearts them...
Cooked yams...Mini made election posters...she's running for Class President...
The oldest working farm in New York State...toured the restored farm house...bliss...(more on that later)
Cool chicks
Purchased wine that was made on the farm...expensive...I'll save it for the perfect occasion...
Made brownies...YUM!
We started decorating our pumpkins...the spikes were made with puff paint...(more on that later)
Kids having fun...
You can get married on the farm...hum?
A girl and her cell...
Original 1762 pine floors...and 2010 Converse...
Beautiful weather...
...Not sure why everyone was bundled up...
I got a new cell phone...maybe I'll carry this one with me...maybe (more on that later)
That's me...waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mini and the Great Pumpkin
Made an early Thanksgiving dinner...We'll probably be in the hospital during the actual holiday
City kids thinking..."What the heck are these?"  "They don't look like pigeons..."
A perfect weekend...thank you universe.
You can have a great weekend too...visit the Queens County Farm...It's free and next week there is a huge halloween festival...Just be ready to deal with crowds...I promise, the kids and teens will love it.


  1. I love the spikes on the pumpkin. I wonder how they made those?

  2. So glad you were able to enjoy the weekend as planned. Complete stomach growl at all the food you made.
    Cool shades!

  3. Gorgeous weekend. Glad you two got your turkey dinner in. Looking forward to more on the farm, the cell phone and those heart brownies! Congrats to Mini on the new converse. Is 48 to old to buy red converse? I'm seriously thinking about it.

  4. gurl-----you and mini are so beautiful!--i had to take a double look at your photo--i knew the smile was familiar--you are truly a beautiful sistah--you should show more photos of yourself---blessings to you and mini!!!

  5. Those fall photos gets me in the mood,luv! xoxo

  6. I love the pumpkin patch shots. It looks like a fun day.

  7. :-D! these are great.

    just you saying it makes me wanna stop carrying my cell phone.

  8. Not sure why I didn't get any of that food, lol. I'm really hungry now but I lost 20 pounds so not complaining. Love, Love, Love Hunters pictures they are sooo adorable. Oh and Yay! Class President. Who other than Obama...Hunter!


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