A Design Idea...

...I've been thinking about taking the doors off my kitchen cabinets...and then I think again...
I luv this look but, I don't think I have the patience to keep it tidy and neat...

How cool is this...?  You can pick up Billy bookcases from IKEA for around $40 bucks...put them in your kitchen and use it as a pantry....love.


  1. I love open cabinets too, but my max is one in our kitchen (just for our dishes, glass doors) I prefer all my our cooking items etc stay hidden, but do want them pretty when the doors are open

  2. I like things neat and tucked away especially in an open floor plan.

  3. oh, i love this concept, but it likely wouldn't be practical for me. :-/

  4. I absolutely love your blog!!!

  5. You have a great blog! Glad I found you :) I am LOVING this last kitchen. Nice!


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