Another Easy D.I.Y.

I saw this in a store on the Lower East Side and I just had to try it...I purchased the frame from the $1 store...I just wanted to try it out...see if it would work...and it did...this one is really easy people...Next time I'll use a bigger frame...this one is 5x7 and it really doesn't hold that many earrings...Mini made one's cute and purple...I would post it here but, I hate the new blogger upload...and this post took me 1 hour to get up...UGH!

This is what you'll need...picture frame, tape,  a piece of woven fabric and scissors
1.  Take frame apart

2.  Lay the frames base onto fabric and trace...
3.  Oops...I didn't take a photo of this I'll just tell you...cut 1/2" away from the line you just drew...leaving enough fabric to fold behind frame base.

4.  Fold fabric around the base of the frame and tape down....I used green duct tape for this demonstration.
5.  After step 4 your piece should look like this...
6.  Pop the base back into the frame and viola'...ready to use.


  1. I LOVE the frame you used. These would be great for my craft fairs this fall! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree, the frame you have is perfect. This is a DIY must!

  3. So very cute and easy to do.

  4. Definitely want to try this! I am always losing earrings.

  5. oh! another blogger friend of mine did the same using a larger frame...

    i'm gonna try it.


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