Why didn't you tell me...?

about NETFLIX? Hello!? Just $9.o0 per month...and I can get unlimited movies and t.v. shows streamed instantly to my computer and T.V. via our Wii machine...I now control my t.v. it no long controls me...My cable is so through...and Mini can use it while in isolation at the hospital...sigh.

...my dinner last night...UGH...while I watched (via my Wii) The September Issue...a cool documentary about what it takes to put together the September issue of Vogue Magazine...too cool...reminded me of being back in my old, hated job...smile.

FYI...It is Fashion Week in NYC and tonight stores all over the city are celebrating....It's called Fashions Night Out...many stores will have late hours, cocktails, food, dj's and most of it is free...I checked out the website and some stores will have free performances from artist like Neo, Mary J. Blige, Corrine Bailey Rae etc. Check out what's going on when and where by clicking here...Oh, that rhymed...Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hey there. I'm a Netflix gal, have been for a couple years. I too cancelled my cable. I can pretty much rent any movie or tv show I want. I'm doing two at a time which comes to about $15 a month, can't beat it.
    We are having FNO events here too at a couple major mall's. I'll be in the house for one and try to take pics.

  2. I thought ya knew!

    Netflix nut for 3 years!

  3. I'm a huge fan of Netflix...been a member since 2005!! My husband just got the Roku so we watch our instant Netlifx that way. Which is good for our household, our son can still play on his Wii


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