One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure...

...look what I picked up for FREE...someone in my building threw them away. Now I know to the untrained eye this is junk...but, when my eyes saw them I did the happy dance. My first thought was to paint them out and use them on the terrace as plant stands...until I tried to carry them off and discovered they were so heavy I would need my trusty hand truck to get them upstairs. While in my apartment and under closer inspection I discovered they had a secret shelves inside...I can't wait to bring these back to their former glory.


  1. Oh they are lovely! I'd totally strip them and start over...great steal!

  2. Yeah...I can't wait to get my hand on these...they may end up in my bedroom...hum?

  3. they've definitely got potential. i'm sure you'll make 'em look great.


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