It's not always pretty...

Before.... Opps... After....I hate it! Ugh, but with all that's going on right will have to stay this way until next year.

My photos suck...but you get the terrace is now my sanctuary...this was last night.


  1. I think it can be saved with very little cost! The blue can work, I say punch up the pillows with some fabric that's plays off the pop of blue in a graphic way. Something brighter like some of the fabrics from Anna Maria Horner

    I think the fabrics from the Garden Party Collection or The Drawing Room Collection would be real pretty as they have blue in them but also just great complements.

    Amy Butler's Summer collections are off the chain too! Soul Blossoms (LOVE the name!) & Love have beautiful collections that would be awesome on a piece like that. The Love collection even has laminated fabrics.... perfect for outdoors! HTH

    Good luck with all you got going on Hun, "you must not know bout' me" LOVE your mantra you guys are an inspiration!

  2. I like the blue color, but I don't think the fabric choice is very "you." The potential is there. I'm glad you have a sanctuary, you deserve that space.

  3. the terrace looks divine! i think the chair fits there very well.


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