Ideas...and Inspiration...

I love the idea of hanging my favorite piece of fabric randomly across a curtain rod where there is no window...Sometimes you just want to admire it, like a piece of art...Hum, maybe this can work in my bedroom.

I heart this vignette...the table scape is perfect...the portrait, beautiful...I'll try and recreate this image this weekend...Will post when done...

What's not to love?  So simple...just shows how you don't need a lot of furniture or things to have a beautiful, functional space...No nightstands?  Use a shelf...Not enough closet space?  ...use simple or elaborate hooks to hang your most beautiful pieces of clothing...

...One of my top ten dream beds...sigh.


  1. Great inspiration photos. Loving the fabric draped on a rod idea. Feels and looks cozy.

  2. The room is pretty,praying for Mini! xoxo

  3. The fabric on the rod, the vignette, the bed, oh yeah! I'm loving this!!

  4. That bed is crazy! Love it.

  5. see, that second to last pic is my kind of organization. i've been wanting some wall shelves like that for a long time...


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