Another exercise in creative visualization....

...first, I want to thank everyone for their kind words of sympathy...they help more than you know...another thing that's helpful to me during times like this is, you know, when real life is far from dreamy...I do creative visualizations...and lately, I've been dreaming about Argentina...don't know why...I have never been there...I don't know anyone from there...but somehow images, stories and blogs about Argentina keep popping into my world...So, this is where I see Mini and I when I close my eyes and dream...

...I can imagine Mini and I laying here watching movies on our laptop via Netflix...

...I'd walk around a beautiful all white space wearing something just like this...

...Mini writes a lot...and I can imagine her using this little house as her private writing space...

...I'd sit here with a magazine or laptop while sipping mint tea....


  1. I understand this I have an urge to move somewhere like this, watching Eat, Pray, Love, put a picture to my dreams. The open dwelling she lived in while in Bali really exemplifies what seems like peace to me.

  2. Awww looks so peaceful and serene.

  3. hey, first i wanted to say that i'm sooooo sorry about your brother. i was just catching up on some of your posts and saw that one. yikes, you sound like you have alot on your plate. so these scenes in this post will take you away visually right? right. ;) i hope things begin looking up my friend. have a better weekend!

  4. Way a great microvacation that was! Thank you for the post. I agree with Mimi about the Eat, Pray, Love thing... Sign me up!

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