...Mini and I were watching one of our new favorite t.v. shows, Hawthorne (Mini and I don't usually watch hospital dramas...we live hospital dramas...but, I feel the need to support Jada)...when I noticed that my slippers were wet...not just a little...they were soaking...low and behold...our central air unit was leaking...flooding a large area of my living room floor...UGH! Now the entire floor has to be ripped out and a new floor has to be installed...Now, normally this would make me do the happy dance...a brand new hardwood floor? But, not could not have happened at a worse time...I'm nerves are on edge...really, I may need to be medicated soon.


  1. wow---good luck----now you have to get a new ac unit too

  2. Sorry about this! Something positive will come out of it, I'm certain! Keep the faith!


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