Mini's B-Day...

Mini's b-day is this weekend...14! So of course I'm running around like a one legged women in an ass kicking, thanks for that one Ron.

I'm making cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow, a cake for her actual b-day...I gotta get back to the Army and find end tables for her room...I ordered some things online from Walmart...gotta get to the store and pick them up...Mini's leaving for camp on Sunday, gotta do laundry and get her all packed...oh yeah, I can't forget about her hair...gotta do that too...and her doctor was trying to schedule an MRI into this crazy week...not happening.
All in a days work for a single mom.
Whew! cue music...


  1. Hey Sis,
    Don't forget to breathe... hands on forehead and take one
    Love ya,

  2. lol!

    wow 2 those cupcakes!!!

    you're most definitely super mom to the max!


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