Easy DIY ... Coffee Table

...loving everything, everything about this room. Especially the lighting hanging over the coffee table...I have no over head lighting in my apartment and I really need something like this to bring light into the middle of my living room...Can we talk about the coffee table? You see people, this is why I can not purchase expensive furniture for my home...I see this table and it makes me want to throw away the table I just showed you two posts ago...UGH! ....and how easy would it be to make this table...a couple of boulders from the home depot garden center and a round piece of stained wood....sigh...I'll just keep the image here until I can't stand it an longer... Good thing for me I got way too much going on right now.


  1. Great idea on that coffee table. I like natural materials for coffee tables, tree stumps are a fav of mine too.

  2. I LOVE that coffee table!! So unique and like the previous post said you can change it up a bit and use tree stumps- depending on the decor. The light fixture would give me nightmares though . . . it looks like a big toilet brush and seems like it would collect quite a bit of dust. Maybe a fixture with shells to tie in with the coffee table?

    Great post, thanks!

  3. Lol...Charlotte, your right...it does look like a big toilet brush...smile.


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