Ms. Jackson, if your grown and sexy...

Look at Ms. Jackson looking grown and sexy...Hum, remember my Alice and Olivia boots by Payless? I think I've worn them twice...Now that Ms. Jackson has inspired me, I may have to break them out for my grown and sexy weekend...

In tribute to Ms. are 4 of my favorite Janet Jackson Videos...

I love this song...the lyrics are sick and it rocks...reminds me of when my sister and I went to see Ms. Janet in concert...this was our favorite song...we were both crazy Janet fans and we rocked out when she performed this song...Crazy energy...just like this video...memories.

Luv this video...always make me smile when I hear this song...reminds me of being in love and did you see the eye candy...sweet.

My dating theme song..."If"

...and my all time favorite Janet video...the set, the clothes, the man, and the lyrics...sick. This is the go to Grown and Sexy song...Enjoy!


  1. Yes ma'am! I'm still kicking myself for missing out on these when Payless had them.

  2. Payless?! Stop the madness! They are HOT!

  3. gotta love her!

    she's one who captures my attention whenever she performs. (and i'm feeling the short do.)

    and yeah, the boots are quite sexy!


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