ROAD TRIP....I'm headed here with my BFF...( I'm talking like Mini)

It is the biggest flea market Brimfield, MA...So were heading down the turnpike as soon as she's done in the studio...can't wait...I'm not looking for anything in particular...just fresh air, sunshine, funnel cake, a road trip, grown women talks, antiques and my best friend...The only person I know who can walk for hours touching everything in site and never get's bored...Doesn't get any better than that...It begins today, ends Sunday. Check it out....


  1. That's really funny. My BFF is flying out from Utah and we're headed down to Brimfield and then over to the cape. Have fun!

  2. I am so envious. I am originally from MA and Brimfield is just the best adventure. I had planned on heading out there this weekend, but change of plans. My favorite is the one in the fall, the last one in Brimfield. Because it is the last one and people don't want to store things over the winter, you can get some really great deals. I was offered a 6 piece French style chair set for $60 last year. Goofy me, I passed it up. What was I thinking!
    Have fun and tell us all about the treasures you found.

  3. nice! i'm sure y'all had a great time. i love just being in antique-y environments.

    mmmm...funnel cake! loved eating it when i was.


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