Ikea to the rescue again...

...there I was wandering around my second home (IKEA)...you just never know what you'll find...I found twin size flat sheets for $1.99 each...WHAT!? I bought 4 packs and

...turned them into this...soft summer drapes for my terrace doors...I love the way they look when the wind blows...don't look too closely to the terrace...it's a mess.


  1. Great idea and it's looks gorgeous!

  2. so clever!!! how did you atatch them to the rod/curtain hooks? id love to try this out....there are way more sheet options out there then curtains! SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

  3. completely clever indeed. it's true, what the blogger above said about there being more fabric options sometimes in sheets than in curtains pre-made. i love the length too! i love curtains, if they are long, drippy all over the floor. very rich looking but light for summer air. great job on those, seriously!

  4. Who would have thunk it? I'm going to keep this in mind hun! Thanks!

  5. What a fabulous buy! At those prices you can change your decor all the time. And using them on the terrace doors is perfect. It looks like a beach house. Cool and crisp and light. I love looking for bargains like that on linens for all sorts of things. Even have made a robe from a velvet patchwork throw that was on clearance.

  6. i really like that look.

    lately a lady i sew with here has been buying curtains/sheets for low, low prices and turning them into various clothing items. i've always appreciated seeing and doing this type of thing.


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