House Touring in Cosby's Old Hood...

What a great weekend...Sexy Friday, Sleepy Saturday and House Touring on Sunday...I couldn't ask for more...These are just a couple flicks from my camera...more later...


...Rows and rows of brownstones as far as the eye could see...Home prices in this neighborhood begin around $800,000...up to $3,000,000.

...this home collected antiqued cool.

I liked the little IKEA desk and matching yellow chair in the parents bedroom.

...This is a portrait of their 12 year old son...I love it...Wish I could find someone to paint one of Mini...Only, it would not hang over me, no, no...


  1. so funny about the portrait hanging over the bed, ;) i hear what you're saying. that looked like fun, house touring. they have them on the cape in the areas all around me, beautiful homes right on the ocean and i've never been! hmmmm, maybe i should...

  2. I just love brownstones!! What a fun tour. I like the simple bed in the room with the child's portrait being so huge. :)

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  4. I'm totally digging the hanger collection! So glad you were too...if you hadn't, I'd never have seen it! :-)

  5. i adore brownstones.

    when i was reading the article on yahoo yesterday about what "IKEA" (and other company names) stands for, i thought of you, ha! :-)


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