Step One...My living room make-over

So, last week wasn't a total bust...I did a little a few things for my living room make-over...Normally my personal style leans toward Anthropologie...I could live in that store...but lately I've been feeling a bit lighter, more trendy...We'll see what happens

HOMEGOODS $24.99...will meet a can of spray paint.

..this dining set has been driving me crazy since I purchased it 2 years ago. Mini loved it, so I bought it...even though it's not my style...It will soon make a major transformation.

Oval shaped barrel shade...BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY - $9.99

...this fabric will be used somewhere in the room...I washed it and now it's all wrinkled...gotta throw it back in the dryer for a few minutes and it'll be fine...

Love this fabric...will soon become living room drapes.

Now, if I can just decide on a paint color...It's so easy to do for other people...not so much for myself...Off to HOME DEPOT...Stay tuned.


  1. i love anthroplogie too, but also i love being eclectic and not sticking to one "look". so i'm loving what you've put together! hmmm, on the paint color. i know computers don't accurately show color but from what you've gathered, i'm thinking something warm, soft and neutral? i know...what? so many paint colors out there. i'd have to see the entire room. best of luck looking, one will just pop out to you, you'll see. :)


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