Look of the day...

...Mini's gotta finish a book report and visit the clinic today...We went to the movies yesterday to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid...Why Did I Get Married Two...was playing right next door...UGH! I really wanted to see it, but being the mom that I am...I went with Mini to see her movie...It was kinda funny...and I can catch my movie during the week while she's in school...that's what Mom's do...

The weather is beautiful today ...I have similar pants...think I'll dig em' out...I love when I see a fashion image that I like and realize I already own it...yeah...could also mean that I own too many clothes????


  1. those are great.

    ya know i was wondering about this, because you post a lot of pictures of looks that are similar to or that ARE the looks you're wearing that day. your closet must be overflowing, lol!

    but stylishly so, of course. :-)


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