The look for less...

...So, $299 is a reasonable price for a coffee table...but, if your like buy new furniture more than you buy new shoes...and your furniture style is constantly changing...Why blow $300 bucks on a table when you can get the same look for less....? Where you ask...?

Now, don't get me wrong...of course it's not the same quality...I'm just saying, "it's the same LOOK...for LESS..."

I'm sorry...I can't buy expensive furniture...I change it too much...I have a sofa right now that has been around way too long because I paid way too much for it...and can't bring myself to get rid of it...Every time I walk into a thrift store I see a sofa calling my name...and I just say, "sorry...I'm in a commitment with a big, old, ugly, sofa...but, as soon as we break up I'll give you a call." Lesson learned.

...that's my big old...needs to go couch...and my new IKEA coffee table...they don't make the best couple...but this is their first date...they will soon...I got plans for that sofa...he's getting a make-over.


  1. Man, I wish we had an IKEA closer. But, I did just get the exact gorgeous foyer table (my desk) for $25 at a yard sale and 2 Thomasville side tables for $5 a piece so I guess I shouldn't moan too much. :) Can't wait to see your makeover. I love the vase with the table.

  2. "exact gorgeous foyer table I've been wanting for $25" is what I meant to say. :)

  3. Great deal! Is this one new....don't remember seeing a coffee table that fab at Ikea!

  4. well, the couch looks comfy at least.

    cute table.


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