It's almost summer...and for those of you who care...I found a really cool blog with easy weight watchers recipes...

...I tried weight watchers after having Mini and it worked for get to each whatever you want...WHATEVER...but, everything has a point...and every member learns how many points they can eat a day and still loose weight...I think I had 21 points a day....? Well, anyway...check out this site for easy breezy recipes sure to get you in summer shape in no time...


  1. That Looks Yummy!

  2. Weight Watchers? Yes, it DOES work! I lost 40 lbs on WW 2years ago! Creates a different way of thinking and eating!

  3. I'm not on WW but I found that the recipes are all so delicious looking and fit within my Eat Clean diet principles so I will be bookmarking quite a few of them, and adding the blog to my reader. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was just mentioning this on my blog, that I needed a site with some great recipes...I soooo need this

    Bless you.

    : )


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