New Cards...

I ordered new cards to use as hangtags for my clothing...They came from a company call get 100 cards for $19.99...You can upload up to 100 different photos to be placed on your cards...with your contact info. printed on the back...Go to their site and check it's pretty cool...they come in this cool storage box..I love the shape of the cards...very narrow rectangles and the cards are printed on very heavy card stock...


  1. Your cards are pretty! I have used Moo cards as calling cards for two years now. I just put in an order a week ago for my website. I love them! It's fun to collect others cards as well.

    You have to get the postcards! I can see your shirts on them now! : )

  2. Your cards look awesome! Love the images you chose. I have admired Moo cards for some time now & will have to get some made for myself in the near future; I just love the clean design of them!

  3. 1. LOVE your blog!!!
    2. LOVE your cards!!!


  4. I love my Moo cards too! I've bought both the little skinny ones and the normal-sized ones..

  5. Very nice! I wish I had known about this company before I ordered some cards about a week and a half ago!

  6. MOO is really good! I ordered postcards from them in the past and loved the way they turned out.
    Would love to try the small MOO-cards, too...

  7. Ok, I'm back to are the BOMB.DOT.COM for this one!! LOL. I was so pissed off when I got my cards recently and did not like the way they looked. So, I scurried on over to Moo after seeing this post, I decided to upload some images of my own interior design work and BAM!--instant marketing with my info on the back to convince people I'm the designer/stylist they need! Love you for this, SP! Love the new profile pic, too!


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