My Bedroom Envy

Bedroom envy...this is the bad things about being a always want to design...change is good...So, I'm loving the color and simplicity of this bedroom...heart...

...problem is, or not so much a problem...My bedroom finally looks like this...and I love it too...I know, I gotta get a bigger place with more bedrooms or I gotta get more clients who want their bedrooms redone...either way, change is good...
Bed in the Bag Comforter Set - Target, $45.oo
Side Table - LACK - Ikea, $15.00 on sale...regularly $35.00
Pillows - HomeGoods, $4.99 each
Headboard - Ikea, $20.00 on sale
Eames Era White Rocker Chair - Online - $130.00 - bought it for my B-Day...

...when I started this blog, I dreamed of an all white bedroom like this one...Not so much anymore...See what I mean.


  1. so rooms is super pretty, no need to change!If you really feel like a little change add a colorfull blanket or covertlet

  2. Your bed room is really gorgeous,, and great buys too,, not too bad.. you just proved that you can have a dreamy room with out spending a ton of bucks... it you do change it up more hope you share it with us all. have a great week.


  3. the all white is enticing. very pleasant to *look at* for me.

    i like your room, too. whenever you do get that place with more rooms, your guests will be in for a treat, cause i'm sure those spaces will be beautiful!

  4. i can so relate to this. when i moved into my current home, i wanted all mod, black and white, mirrors, high-shine, laquer, etc. and i did it! but then i missed all the color i had come to love. so now i'm in the process of adding the color back in. tastes change, dreams change. i hear you.


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