What's keeping me up at night...

...I got out of bed last night and started sewing after seeing this image of Riri and her fanny pack...I posted some time ago about my luv for the fanny pack...It's just too convenient when you have kids...you need both hands free...Well, Riri's fanny pack is by Louis Vuitton...but, you can get SOULPRETTY'S interpretation here...


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! Don't you love being able to sew??

  2. I NEED a fanny pack for Carnival feting and to play j'ouvert so I won't need to walk around with a handbag or without a handbag for that matter! These are fantastic! I was dreading getting some tacky fanny back but these put my heart at ease!
    Carnival's in about a week though.

  3. very cute! I am not a fanny pack girl, but I would make an exception here. They are HOT!!!!

  4. Girl, stop...these are too cute. I've been on etsy once today shopping it up...you gon' make me go back!

  5. so cute!

    i'm a big fan of neat looking items that go around your waist to hold stuff.


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