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Oh, so much to do today...already did 5 loads of laundry at 6:30 this morning...before putting Mini on the bus...I gotta find a desk and a sofa for my clients office...It's so cold out, I'm really not motivated to go out looking...and I gotta pick Mini up from school today and go to the clinic...Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I gotta take my cable box back to the cable company...it blew a fuse last night... I'm really thinking about canceling my cable...I'm even more motivated to do so after last night...think I'll wait until the weather warms up...

Luv these looks...

See more here...

You can find these lovely pants here...


  1. loving these looks too, down to those fabulous boots. happy shopping for couches and desks in the cold, grrr. it's supposed to snow here on wed. (i live on cape cod mass.) and i was just getting used to seeing the ground again :)

  2. I love that hat. Where did you find that. Hey I think you can make that. hint hint. btw...I am going to request one of those cute onsies you did before....not until I get the referral for my daughter though

  3. I love love LOVE those pants. Where are they from??

    Ps- check my blog out!


  4. ooh, i like all of those.

    it always amazes me how much we manage to get done even when we just aren't feeling it. sometimes i look back on days where i'd been feeling like crap and think, "dang, i got all THAT done!?!"

    you're phenomenal. :-)

    this is my first time having cable in years, and if it weren't free in the apartment i recently moved into, i wouldn't have it!

    hope mini's day at the clinic went well.


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