It's Video Tuesday, Let's go apt. hunting in Harlem, NY

I'll reserve my commentary until later...out of towners, let me know what you think...what would $700,000 buy in your community?



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  2. The second place was nice. At that price here in Montreal, Canada that is buying me a mini mansion, no joke. We are talking 4-5 bathrooms, 3 floors, in ground pool, solarium, Huge Ceiling/windows, granite counters, marble & hardwood floors, 12-15 rooms...
    Not shocking though as there are apartment's turned condo's in the downtown area that will fetch that price... for me I wouldn't pay that price for a 2 bedroom spot knowing I can get a fully equipped mansion. NYC though is a whole different ball park though, I really enjoyed watching that.

  3. You could bu a McMasion up here for that money.


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