My New Obsession....Organization.

...It always happens to me in the beginning of the year...I have this uncontrollable desire to organize everything...So when I found these containers, $4.99 for 20, at my favorite store, IKEA, I was too excited...I ran home and organized all the left-overs in my fridge...cut up the cantaloupe that had been sitting around whole for a few days...Now it's easier for Mini to eat it instead of chips...

Now I feel calm when opening the fridge, looking for something to eat or cook...everything in it's place and a place for everything...


  1. wait...$4.99 for 20 containers?? i went back and read that part 3 times. no IKEA here, but i need to try to see if i can get a hold of this deal.

    organization is something i need to get with myself...


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