Last Night...

...last night I went to a party...yep, me...on a Thursday night...without Mini...I know, grown right? Well, Mini didn't want to go...she had too much homework to make-up after missing school the day before...I have never, in 13 years, left Mini home alone so that I can go out at night...never...But, after trying it last night, I've seen my future and I like I went with my sister-in-law to her companies annual holiday party in the Chelsea Market in NYC...I luv going to this party, the food is delish, the DJ is crazy, the drinks are amazing and the crowd is grown, creative and friendly...what else could a girl ask for?

My sister-in-law and co-workers

The party cocktail was soooo good...this is recipe.

...a really cool space to have a party...


  1. It was a great night out without the kids wasn't it?? Shout out to Mary Cleaver and the Cleaver Co. for giving a great holiday party.

  2. lol! well, i suppose it's good to be able to step out sometimes.

    seems like a nice, intimate setting. i like the look of it all.


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