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...You know I'm not a shoe whore...(I'm a chair whore...never saw a chair I didn't want to take home) I rarely get excited when looking at shoes...I have been wearing the same shoes for a few years now...drives Mini crazy...and then when I do see a shoe that excites me, it looks like this....sigh...or like every other shoe on their site...LUV


  1. Girl, I thought I would have a heart attack when I saw that $880 price tag! LOL

  2. boots are cool-----

    but I LOVE that you have a chair problem

    because I do too

    I didn't know anyone else did.

    I feel so.....okay now !

    Is there a Support Group ?

  3. they definitely look like nothing i've ever seen!

    probably really good quality. makes me think of a pair i'd see on freepeople.com.

  4. ha!

    "like a straight jacket for the feet."

    that cracks me up.


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