I just sent off my design plans to my newest client...4 options...Now I wait...tense.

Spotted on my latest trip to HomeGoods...Luv it...too bad it's $699.99 dollars...that's a bit outrageous don't ya think?


  1. I am loving that chair also!!! Agreed on that price- too high ;>

  2. That's a great chair but definitely too much for it. I found a chair some years back at a yard sale locally for $50 and had it redone (new fabric) for about $200. I later saw the same exact chair at Domain (now closed) for $1,250.

  3. LOVE THE CHAIR!! hate the price! geesh!

  4. ohhhh speaking of CHAIR ISSUES

    look at this !!!

    ohhh thank you

    you dont even know how in love I am with it

    (or maybe you do....)

    I am thinking about making it my desktop wallpaper as I just copied it over (thank You)

    GOOD LUCK on your designs with the new client.

    Client probably will love them all so much

    it will be hard for that person to actually DECIDE !


  5. about the price...having a ~ ahem ~ lil problem

    I wonder....I might pay...but I agree....of course next to COOL BOOTS price - it's lookin pretty cheap (ha)


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