I don't even know what to say about this post...except, WOW! What an inspiration...Enjoy

The Artist is Steven Lopez - www.ikeepmoving.com

One of my most favorite songs in the World...Luv.

I luv when we get to see the artist in their own words...not just the gossip that surrounds most successful artist...

I'm inspired to continue to work on my piece...It's hanging in Mini's room right now...but, stay tuned...I'm inspired...


  1. What a great painting! I expect to see these in our Etsy store, too! :-)

  2. Oh-my-gosh, that Minnie Ripperton piece brought tears to my eyes...I grew up on her-so ahead of her time.

  3. oh yeah, i remember seeing that video! yeah...wow.

    minnie ripperton = :-D!!


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