I Heart IKEA!

...while shopping for a client last week I purchased this headboard for myself. Only $20 bucks...yep, 2-0...I couldn't believe it...a queen size, cane, wing back, headboard...

...I know people complain about IKEA products, too many pieces, cheaply made, bla, bla, bla...I have been putting their products together for almost 20 years, so I'm a pro at it...but this bed only came with 5 screws and a wrench...YEAH!
...and to top it off all you had to do was click the left and right pieces onto the center...the crews were used to attach the headboard to my existing metal frame...super easy...

...and tada! I heart it...just as it is...but you know me...it could change color at any minute. I always wanted an upholstered wing back headboard and now that I have the frame I can cover it with fabric at anytime...smile.

...doesn't it look so cozy...I made the long pillow a while ago...dug out the duvet cover from my stash...I think I purchased it a couple years ago from IKEA for about $20 bucks...rarely used until now...just perfect. The hand prints are two cuts from a magazine that I put in a frame...and the two small silver frames were purchased in a Target after Christmas sale for 3 bucks each...I bought about 15 of them...the images in those frames are from IKEA...4 bucks for two.
My bedside table...I use the red book as my grateful journal...at least once a week I take a minute and just write down what I was thankful for on that day...the crystal lamps were purchased at the salvation army, $25. bucks for two...
My other bedside table...the magazine rack is actually a chinese rice scooper that I picked up on a trip to the Brimfield Flea Market in Massachusetts...


  1. That is awesome - and I agree - IKEA isn't for everyone, but if you have the "creative gene"...you can work it!!

  2. i've had such a hankering to get to ikea lately and that headboard does it! i'm going right after the holidays. i need curtains, but now maybe i need a headboard! your bedroom is soft and dreamy :)

  3. Your bed room looks wonderful, very relax and comfortable setting. Enjoy it

  4. Great looking headboard,
    Happy Holidays, ( luv IKEA too )!

  5. I just love your bedside decorations...Soooo romantic...
    I wish you enchanting holidays...
    Love your blog...
    Keep on inspiring...

  6. Love your bedside table...very cozy!

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  8. me and assembling furniture just do not mix! clothes, i can handle, but i get so overwhelmed when it comes to self-assemble items. they never, ever, ever turn out 100% accurate.

    however, *maybe* i could have handled this. it's got a great shop and adds a great touch to an already lovely room.

  9. so so so fabulous! and you're right - you can totally add foam and fabric and make it padded - you already have the perfect shape!


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