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...I had no intention on doing any actual Christmas shopping yesterday...but, I wondered into the mall to kill time and went into one of Mini's favorite stores Aeropostale. Now, we don't normally shop's way too expensive for my taste or budget...If you have a teenager at home you know that clothes from this store seem to be their uniform...I make Mini save her allowance and then if she wants to spend $29. bucks on a T-shirt she can...Well, to my surprise they are having an amazing sale...the photos above are just a sample of what's on sale in the store...the entire store is 50 to 75% off...I purchased a hoodie for $12 bucks yesterday...among other things...Mini is going to be so excited on Christmas...I went to the website last night and found that they are offering a $10. off coupon for every $50 bucks you store only...looks like I'm going back for more...Click here to get your coupon...happy shopping.


  1. I couldn't find the coupon on the site. :-(..Do you have the direct link? I have the fur hoodie and jeans sitting in the cart! :-)

  2. I found the hoodie and the jeans today at the store AND I used the coupon! (Thanks for the link) The lady in back of me used the coupon, too! Apparently you can used again and again until it expires!


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