NYC can be rude...

...while at the farmers market on Saturday, this couple was trying to take a picture with their baby...but,

...everytime he got ready to take the shot, this coffee man/woman jumped in front of the shot...too funny. Check out the look on the womens face in the first picture.


  1. In New York, everybody's trying to be a "STAH" no matter who's holding the camera! LOL

  2. Only "In Neeewwww Yoooork, concrete jungle where dreams of made of, there's NOTHING you can do, out of Neewwwww Yooooork"!

    He takes this song to heart I see. I guess he thinks his name is "STARbucks". LOL!

  3. Hello, just learned about your blog today-it's great.
    I live in NYC so I had to comment on this post- TOOOOOOOO Funny. Oh my goodness, coffee guy was upset because he has to wear that outfit so he wanted to bother
    that really cracked me up.


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