Mini's College Adventure

Two weeks ago Mini and I went on a road trip with my brother and his wife to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. My sister-in-laws son is a junior on full, academic was his 19th's from our family weekend.

Mini looks like a college student attending her first football game...and yes, she finally got her perm...she loves it!

Mini and my niece (not really drinking) at dinner...I've seen the future and it looks scary. brother took us all out to dinner to celebrate...and no the kid wasn't's just a prop for my photo.

Mini dreaming about college and it's challenges...she can't wait to attend college...I say, "let's focus on middle school." But I luv that she had a chance see the it's not just some dream in her mind...She can see it's within in her reach. and the b-day boy looking for a bike. football.


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