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hi hater

...there are two places I really have a hard time bringing myself to visit...supermarkets, unless it's Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Costco or BJ's...and beauty shops...UGH! I spent the entire day in the hair shop...I slumped into the shop looking like "what the F" and to my surprise and disapointment it was "TOP MODEL" make-over day...the shop was full of beautiful young girls getting ready for prom and graduation...this did not help my mood...but, I was interested in their fashion sense...all the girls seemed to be wearing the same things...So I made a mood board to illustrate whats hot for the 16 - 21 crowd...I don't usually pay attention to such things but being that Mini is approaching 13 in a couple of weeks...I took notice. The girls were so cute. UPDATE: Mini did not make it to the hair shop last rained! We'll try again for her birthday...should she get a perm or not? UGH!


  1. Oh girl, NO. Please do NOT put a perm in that child's hair.

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while,and I know she has medical why knowingly allow a poison to enter her scalp through her pores..I'm a stylist and I wouldnt do it to my child...I'm just sayin!..and maybe the fact that you are throwing the question out into the blogsphere..means something..your spirit is trying to tell u something...


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