Busy, busy, busy

Busy week...Mini's clinic visit on Monday was o.k...Dr.s need to tweek her routine treatment in order to get her number better...she was dehydrated...we meet another little girl who also has a history of stroke like Mini...she is 15 years old and she looked like she was 7...UGH! But, the little girl was so excited, she was going to prom the next day...tears...these kids are amazing.
On a lighter note...

...Mini is graduating tomorrow and it's the last day of school...moving on to junior high school...I remember my first day at jr. high like it was yesterday...I got the coolest new school shoes and couldn't wait to wear them...

...got a focus group to do today...tomorrow Mini will have her first visit to the hair salon, if it doesn't rain...Friday, GoodMorning America will have a free concert in Central Park staring, Jamie Foxx...and we'll be there...Let the SUMMER BEGIN!


  1. Happy Graduation to Mini!

    I hope crying those happy and proud tears won't keep you from snapping some good photos!!!!

  2. congrats to mini! and Yaaay for summertime fun!

    inside the scene of the second photo is where i need to be...

  3. Cool blog! I'll be back.

    Feel free to check mine out.



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