Today's Musical Selection - Abbey Lincoln

...One of my favorite songs ever! Ms. Lincoln's voice is so deep, moody and sexy...I listen to her after a long day at the clinic...after Mini's gone to bed and I'm chilling on the terrace...this is music that will definitely get the mood right.
...She is also an actress...check out the 1960's movie, For the Luv of Ivy...where she played the love interest of Sidney Poitier who played a hustler running a underground casino...soooo, sexy and smart...they just don't make movies like that anymore.


  1. yeah, she does have a great voice.

  2. Hi Soul Pretty,
    Iam one of Abbey Lincoln's fans who thinks she is the most talented and greatest celebrity who was ever born! She is top tier in her industry! I heard she has been put in a hospice nursing home by a family member, but I don't know where at in New York City? Can you start a blog, so Abbey's fans can come to her rescue and get her out of that Hospice/Nursing Home in New York City! Can you find her somehow and get her out of this awful place! There is some kind of dark cloud over her head deceiving her into an illness that she does not possess! Please start a blog, and get Abbey out of this hell hole before it is too late!

    Thank You,
    Her Greatest "Fan",
    Charles Anthony Brooks

  3. Hi Soul Pretty,
    They are saying down here in the Entertainment Industry in D.C.,

    that Abbey's Lawyer whoever they are should find Abbey a lovely "Entertainment Family" one that has lots of kids, so Abbey can teach them how to become Famous Jazz Singers.

    Maybe some of Abbey's fans in New York City can find that Hospice/Nursing Home in Downtown Manhattan,

    across the street from a very famous Catholic Church I heard, and have Abbey's lawyer work out all of the legal issues, so she can move in with some fine family, and be very happy again.

    Maybe Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Nancy Wilson, James Ingram, can all help arrange this for our very "Famous Jazz Singer",
    "Abbey Lincoln"

    My Try for Her Recovery;
    Charles A. Brooks


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