...this image matches my mood today...spent all day yesterday in the clinic with Mini for her regular tune-up...UGH! ...babies getting chemo...enough said. Got home and fixed Mini's hair, she's going to North Cackalaca with her dad and his family this weekend...she wants me to go with them...but it's just too much...I'm tired, I've done enough...It's me time.


  1. My kids are leaving this weekend to spend the summer with their dad. I am so spent, this weekend can't come soon enough. Although, I'm bummed because all year long its all about them. So I feel lost the first week they are gone. Enjoy your free time.I'm working on getting in a better place so they leave on a good note.

  2. you need "you" time, mini will be all the better for it when she gets back, so will you. you are a strong woman and i admire you for that! oh, and your creativity. :)

  3. Bless your heart! I know all too well the fatigue that comes with having a loved one ill, taking care of them, spending time at hospitals, etc. My heart goes out to you. May God touch you and all those you love with healing... and some much need energy, today.


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