Parent Teachers Conference is parent teachers conference at Mini's school...I'll be rocking something like this...minus the silver jeans...and my boots are not this high...whew! It's really all formality...Mini is a great student...and luv's our last meeting her teacher said, this is her favorite class of her entire teaching career...mostly due to Mini...who comes to school everyday eager to learn and encourages the other kids in the class to do the same...tears...all the students at the school have their challenges but, Mini won't let them use it as an myself a big pat on the back right now...oh, that feels


  1. I love kids... heck, people in general who set the bar and refuse to accept mediocrity. Go, Mini!

    What?!? No, silver jeans!?!

  2. lol...PBW, you know my alter ego would rock the silver, skinny jeans to the parents teacher conference...but, only if I were not a parent...Mini would be horrified if I wore anything shinny to her school...UGH,, they keep you grounded...wink.

  3. that's great! i've tutored children who didn't have the least bit of desire to learn anything at all. well..unless it had to do with lil wayne, electronic gadgets, and things of that sort. talk and draining. it's always a pleasure to have students who really want the information.

    even without the silver jeans and higher boots, i'm sure you were looking quite spiffy at the meeting. that whole situation going on up top is stylishly excellent!


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