Madonna and Child...

So, Madonna and daughter Lourdes are in Malawi trying to adopt another baby...not sure how I feel about that...again, I'm a live and let live type of person...I do admire Madonna as a woman...she has definitely, "designed a life that she loves"

...Let's talk about their fashion sense...luv it! The scarf is the latest fashion accessory can update your wardrobe without buying a thing...break out last summers t-shirts, tie on a scarf and keep it movin'...

Here's a little tutorial to keep you looking fashionable...

p.s....check out Madonna's fanny pack. Since becoming a mom I have loved the fanny pack...and I hope Madonna can bring it back into fashion...I've got some ideas for designing a cool pack...stay tuned...Oh, and how can I leave this post without pointing out that Madonna is 50 years old...what!? Is 50 the new 20...?


  1. hey! love your new blog title picture...really great. i love scarves too and hats. i go in and out of wearing hats but love to collect them!

  2. Love the new banner!! How did you get the writing on it without using a text box? Can you help a sista out (I need to know for I recently added a banner to my blog)! Thanks!

  3. oh! this reminds me that i designed a belt once that had a sort of fanny pack attached to it. i thought it was pretty spiffy. very stylish and functional. i only made a couple, though, and have no idea what happened to 'em.

    and yeah. the new header looks great!


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