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...I came across this video and had to share...every singer on the scene today our who would like to be on the scene one day should be required to study Diana Ross...her style, flawless...stage presence, amazing...vocals, impeccable...orchestra playing live...come on...Makes American Idol look like a junior high talent show...Mini performed last weekend in a talent show at NYU...Mini has no fear of being on stage, but she could definitely learn a lot about stage presence from the Boss, Miss Ross...she will be studying this video tonight.
I've heard it said that everyone should have a theme song, something you can think about to refocus yourself, well, this is my new theme song...I will hum in my head when I need to focus...
"It's my house and I live here"
"say you wanna mooooove in with me, gotta follow the ruuules to get me"
What's your theme song? the way, my alter ego would wear this outfit to Target's deserves a little glamour.


  1. micheal henderson - going places..

    I have all his vinyl
    he is my fav singer ever.

  2. wonderful song! if i had a theme song it would probably be "woman's worth" by alicia keys.

    gotta love the outfit ms. ross is sporting!

  3. i agree. i always enjoy see videos of her. and she's wearing those pants!

    i'll have to think about what me theme song i. it changes constantly.

  4. i must admit i hadn't heard this song (am i aging myself?) but i agree with what you said.

    you really can't take your eyes off her can you? and that bod?!? dayum mrs ross!


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