Mini's Big Day...

Mini flying her kite in the park - Summer 08'

...Mini had a blast yesterday...she toured the school, sat in on a class (where the teacher used Lil Wayne as an example in a know Mini loved that)...she couldn't stop talking about the teacher and how animated he was...most of the teachers are men...and Mini didn't see to mind at all...she said, "she could see herself at her locker, putting on lip gloss, running up the stairs trying to make it to class in 5 minutes"...she wanted to start This school is bigger than Mini's current school which has only 24 students in the entire school...this new school has 230 kids, runs from 6th grade thru 12th grade...Now we must be patient and wait...but, I think her chances are good after all you guys sent your wonderful energy our way...heart.


  1. i missed the big day, but i know you'll be posting the good news soon!


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