Random images from around my home...

...living room and chalk board paint...found the mantel at a junk shop in my neighborhood for $50 bucks...it was brown...I painted it white...I heart it...

...I posted a while back about hating my entry wall...well, I painted it over the weekend...now I like it...I would luv if it were covered with wallpaper...the mural was painted as a gift from a friend.

...this table is in my entry...that's my favorite picture of Mini and Me...also, the bowl I received for Christmas from my friends trip to Africa...

...Mini's room...a little piece of big girl heaven

...the sunlight shinning across my couch everyday around 2:30 p.m...


  1. Very nice. What kind of technique is used on those walls for the swirl-effect? Also...great idea for a way to store incense...the picture of you and Mini is very cute!

  2. Ah...you always inspire me...I so admire the way you give the place such transformative new looks with creative arrangements, paint, and unique finds. Despite consistent changes, the peaceful spirit-filled ambience always remains the same. I need to come by soon.

  3. the mantle is a great find! i also love the swirls- how did you do that?

  4. your home is beautiful. i'd love to see a wider shot of the chalkboard wall with the mantel. i'm in love with dark/black walls and yours - with the beautiful white mantel looks fab!

  5. nice. it all seems so special and meaningful.


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