Looky, looky, looky...

...I finally (after talking and dreaming about it for over a year) started on my bedroom re-design...Yep, painted the walls, with just a brush and paint...no roller, no taping off, no tarp on the floor, free-style...Oh man, my entire upper body was aching last night...I could barley move...but, I'm up and feeling good, so I'm going to finish up today...Stay tuned.

...I didn't even remove the furniture from the room...it's a mess...but not for long.


  1. oh i can't wait to see the transformation! it definitely looks brighter!

  2. I paint like that too! I like to feel like my hand is all the guidance that I need to make the room flow..

  3. cool! i know the feeling. at my last place i painted my room (green) all by myself in a similar fashion.


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