Soul Pretty...Coat

Remember this post? The tops inspired me to make this coat...these are the pictures I promised.

...I used some old wool fabric I had hanging pattern...I just designed it freestyle...the way I used to work when I was a kid...when my mom and I would make patterns from paper bags..

...the detail on the back was inspired by a trip to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie...

...this little ruffle was a quick fix for a design problem I ran into when cutting the fabric...

...this was the problem...when draping the coat I saw that a big chuck of fabric was missing...(I probably cut a piece away for an earlier project.)...that's when I decided to add the contrasting ruffle in a different fabric...I really like the results..


  1. wow, i'm glad you had to cover a's pefectly original. love things like that!

  2. freestyle designing/sewing is where it's at for me! it provides for all sorts of improvisations and random processes that turn out coolness such as this coat. :-D


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