We Shopped, We Partied, We Vibed...

Yesterday, I participated in the very first, SundayBest Collection...this is a picture of my booth.
It was a success! See the fabric hanging over the chair in this photo? They are rugs that I made at the last minute out of left-over fabric...Don't ya know they were my biggest seller...sold every one...Guess I'm going into the rug business...stay tuned.

Images of the crowd, which was great and pumped and the venue was beautiful...I could move in...

One of the performers, Abby Dobson...The audience got carried away by her energy and began throwing money...She was that hot!!! She works hard for the money!

The Mc for the night did a great job, just enough information with non-sense thrown in to keep the crowd entertained...

Another performer, Tomas Docker...Hot!

The promoter will do it all again in February - 09. If your interested in participating and selling your wares, contact Kateria at sundaybestcollective@gmail.com


  1. I was wondering what those were girl...I thought they were blankets!

  2. oh wow. i can just imagine the energy in there.

    your area looks great. and *yaay* for the success of the last minute rugs. seems like with me my last minute ideas are some of the most popular as well.

  3. I am proud of you baby. One step closer to your dream.

    Much Love


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