Should I change the Soul Pretty Logo...YES or NO


  1. I love the new logo shape but it looks more like it belongs on a beauty or hair site instead of a design blog. The model doesn't seem to fit. Happy New Year!

  2. Yes!! It works wonderfully with the tag "she designed a life she loved". Go for it.

  3. I like the current logo better! Although both are nice.

  4. love should spruce it up now and then, hmmmm. gets me thinking about my own! but really, i absolutely love it. love the hair! fabulous....hey happy new year for you and mini and wanted to say i'm thankful for having the opportunity to read your blog and get to know you a little if even only in blogland. you are very creative and have so much to offer, you go girl!

  5. Both would work great, but I also prefer the old one.

    Happy New Year to you and Mini!

  6. First let me say that I am surprised the current logo lasted as long as it did, knowing how you like to move and change things around! I secretly hold my breath when I open your page hoping to see something new. It would be nice to see it change a few times.

    Much Love


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