New York City...Best Place in the World for Christmas



Girls (not Mini) having fun in the park...

...I really appreciate NYC during the Christmas Season...Mini and I are so fortunate to live in this city during this magical time of the year...We ride into Manhattan for 2 bucks...and the Bryant Park Skating Ring is our favorite place to visit...If you own your own ice skates (shhhh! don't tell Mini, but she's getting a new pair for Christmas...her shoe size has jumped 2 sizes this year) you can skate all day for FREE...check it out...It can get crowded and the lines are long but, the rink is big...(their site offered reservations, but the feature is not up and running yet.) We usually go on Christmas Day...we endure long lines and wear warm can buy snacks and order cocktails at the bar (sigh)... (or better yet, bring your own in a flask)While the kids skate you can walk around the park and window shop...all the vendors are so creative...this is not your grandma's craft show...Believe me, you'll feel like your on vacation...LUV...Like I said, not to be missed...a great way to spend the day (it's even better in the evening) in NYC without breaking the bank...


  1. Look really really nice, beatiful PIC!

    Merry xmast and happy NEW YEARS!!
    Regards from Seville ,Spain!

  2. Ny's one of those places where it actually *feels* like the holiday season. (only making an assumption, as i've never been during this time of year, lol!)

    you got the shops, the cold weather/snow, people hustlin' and bustli', the decorations, the christmas music, the general feeling of holiday-ism, ha ha!

    the 70 something degree whether we usually have down here during this season throw me off every time!

  3. I know girl, I miss it most at this time of year. Ivan called on his birthday, last Tuesday and said it was snowing. I love NY at Christmas. Shorts and the beach just dont feel right!

    Much Love

  4. i've never been to new york at christmas, something magical it seems. i will have to make it there one of these days, looked like you guys enjoyed!


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