...So, Mini's good and off to school today...tomorrow she has a class trip to Philadelphia, she is so excited...(smile). I finally have a day without a doctors visit...and I feel like sh*&! I think I picked up some kind of bug in the hospital...UGH! I really need to get started making products to sell for a big show that I'm doing on December 7th...I wanted to post about it today, but never mind...Mini got an invitation to an open house for a school that she really wants to go to for Jr., I better drag myself outside and have the paperwork notarized for my attorneys to get on it...other than that, I think this day's a bust...Mini and I came up with a new statement, "consumed"'s how I feel today, I feel consumed...


  1. I hope you and her find some time to renew yourselves this weekend. You need it!

    Much Love

  2. i've been a bit consumed myself so i feel, y'all.

    good to hear she's in high spirits.

    such lovely interiors!

  3. breathe this weekend, get outside, walk together. helps me clear my head, feel re-newed and adds a little energy to a consumed body and mind....happy weekend coming up!

  4. beautiful places you have here :)


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